Social economy month 2019

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Social economy month 2019





National campaign

Discover social economy

In collaboration with the Pôles d’économie sociale and the Chantier de l’économie sociale, the main goal of the project: create a strong brand to make social economy shine every November.

The first national campaign, in November 2019, focused on the importance of economic and social spinoffs across its different regions of Quebec.


Warm atmosphere and bright colors

Dark red

Eloquent and concrete statistics at the centre

Brand territory

A progressive economy, an economy of the future

As a business model too often misunderstood by the population, the 2019 campaign focuses on the reality of social economy enterprises by highlighting socio-economic values and benefits using eloquent and concrete statistics.


Digital campaign

The website highlights all elements of the campaign while offering a new look at this human business model that has long been established in Quebec.

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