Social economy month 2020

A people-centered economy

Social economy month 2020





What we did

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2020 campaign

Embracing a humane model

The 2020 campaign unites and brings hope. The campaign celebrates the people at work in Quebec's social economy enterprises.

This business model has proven time and time again that it is reliable, and it can support its community even in desperate times.


All shades and colors


Illustrate diversity to reflect reality

We are acknowledging the inclusive dimension of the message through illustrations that go beyond clichés and stereotypes.

Celebrating behind the movement

Digital campaign

A local, sustainable, inclusive, 
participatory and thriving economy

The 2020 website introduces an illustration style and maintains a consistent link with the branding developed last year. The layout is engaging and has an editorial feel. It features a diverse array of themes and places the portraits of social entrepreneurs at the front.